MC17 Personal Shopper Series

Busy retail shoppers now have the power to instantly locate items, cheque pricing, receive personalised promotions and more.


Raise the bar for your customer self-service and improve associate productivity with the Personal Shopper Series retail mobile computer. 

Give customers the ability to scan items while they shop, create gift lists with the press of a few buttons and save time in the checkout line. Add value to the customer experience with targeted promotions based on buying preferences and empower store associates to more efficiently manage inventory. 

Achieve revolutionary customer service excellence and associate productivity with the Personal Shopper. 


    The Personal Shopper Series wireless Retail Mobile Computer delivers a new level of service excellence for customers and a new level of productivity and efficiency for associates.

    This multi-purpose device is also designed to provide associates with the tools needed to answer customer questions on the spot, streamline and error-proof inventory management — from shelf replenishment to markdowns — and line bust to reduce wait times at the checkout stands.

  • Choose Android™ or Windows®

    Choose from the latest versions of the popular mobile operating systems Android Lollipop or Windows Embedded Compact 7. And your MC18 Windows devices can be easily updated to Android. 

  • instant capture of virtually any bar code

    Zebra Technologies' advanced imaging engine enables the split-second capture of any 1D or 2D bar code, regardless of whether it's printed on paper or displayed on a mobile phone screen  — or whether it's damaged, scratched or poorly printed.

    And omnidirectional scanning provides true point-and-shoot simplicity for shoppers and associates alike.


    Achieve Customer Service Excellence and Associate Productivity

    Add value to the customer experience with targeted promotions and offers based on buying preferences. Empower store associates to more efficiently manage inventory and pricing at the shelf edge. Reduce your overhead costs and improve customer loyalty with the MC17 Series multi-function retail mobile computer.


    • Dimensions

      2.3 in. H x 8.11 in. L x 3.2 in. W
      5.9 cm H x 20.6 cm L x 8.1 cm W

    • Weight

      9.5 oz./270 g (with battery)

    • Operating System

      Windows CE 5.0 Professional; Pocket Internet Explorer 6.0

    • CPU

      MC17A: Intel PXA270, 32 bit, 312 MHz
      MC17T: Intel PXA270, 32 bit, 520 MHz

    • Tumble Spec

      500 .5m (1.64 ft.) tumbles (1,000 drops) at room temperature

      1,000 0.5 m/1.64 ft. tumbles at room temperature
      1,000 0.5 m/1.64 ft. tumbles at room temperature
    • Drop Spec

      Withstands multiple 4 ft./1.2 m drops to tile over concrete