Application Enabled Printing (AEP)

Advanced Intelligence inside the printer
SATO's Application Enabled Printing (AEP) Technology is a powerful on-board intelligence which enables customisation of the printer operation to significantly simplify labelling operations and reduce business costs.

Labelling problems in many industries can be solved by the flexible AEP solutions which are easily prepared and implemented by SATO and SATO Partners.

AEP Concept

AEP introduces the next generation of Smart label printing and is available now in the industry leading SATO NX range of printers:

  • Input devices such as scanners, keypads, weigh scales can be directly connected
  • Standalone printing is possible without the need for a host PC or additional software
  • The operator activity is prompted by a simple display screen sequence
  • The printer operation is easily customised to the business requirement
  • Network/Cloud communication for database access or other functions

Standalone Applications

An AEP printer solution offers:

  • Reduced operator skills
  • Faster label printing
  • Reduced errors and recovery expense
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs

    Improving your business efficiency begins with an understanding of your labelling application and the SATO teams will be pleased to discuss and advise.

Networked Applications

Download the SATO NX AEP Brochure

Simplified labelling with SATO AEP - How does it work?

Front Screen shot

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Select Label

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Scan product

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Select quantity

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The SATO NX range with Application Enabled Printing

The next generation of Smart Printing