Altech ALstep T Label Applicator

The ALstep automatic labelers can be equipped with an array of optional devices to solve specific labelling problems, such as:

Hot foil printing unit;
Thermal transfer printing module (ALstep T model);
Pneumatic and air-blow applicator;
Checking device for near end of reel;
Speed control through encoder;
Label sensor for transparent material.

ALstep labellers are also provided in the E (Economical) version for label widths up to 100 mm at a maximum speed of 15 m/min; it is ideal for the applications where cost reduction is a crucial requirement. The label feeding is still controlled by a stepper motor, while the control panel makes it possible to adjust the main functioning parameters (speed and predispensing) by means of digital indicators (contraves), providing an alarm signal in case of web break and end of roll. A label sensor for transparent material is optionally available.

Thanks to its professional resources, ALTECH is able to provide skilled technical service for any labelling problem, design complete plants and assure maintenance and service for its installations throughout Italy