Performance Series

The Datamax-O'Neil Performance Series is a new, innovative family of printers that was designed to resolve a number of issues customers have been having with thermal printers for many years. The result is a printer family that is the easiest to load, easiest to use and easiest to integrate of any thermal printers available anywhere. The Performance Series printers offer superior print quality, auto-load capabilities, user-friendly color touchscreen, unparalleled print registration and an industry standard printer language, PCL. PCL is standardized to run on a variety of operating systems, so it is independent of any application software running on a computer. This ensures faster and easier plug-play integration, getting your printer systems up and running sooner. Within the Performance Series is a printer with a near-edge printhead that allows printing on synthetics, tags, self-adhesives and plastics.

The Performance Series printers are ideal for customers that are conscious of their total cost of ownership and realize that value is more than the price of the product, but extends through the entire life cycle of the printer.

Specifications at-a-glance:

Direct thermal, thermal transfer (optional)
0.25" - 36" [6.35mm - 915mm] printer length range
4.16in [105.7mm], 4.27" [108.5mm], maximum print width
300 dpi [11.8 dpmm], 600 dpi [23.6 dpmm] optional resolution
6ips [152mmps], 10ips [254mmps] maximum print speed


The Performance Series Printers Feature:

  • Easy ERP integration - a benefit that derives from a true PCL5 thermal barcode printer. Middleware applications are no longer necessary within printer networks. All Performance printers are approved through the SAP® Printer Vendor Program.
  • Media auto-loading and calibration to give printer operators freedom from complex and time consuming media setup.
  • Laser and Inket printer users can realize the benefits of a ruggedized thermal barcode printer and reduce operating costs with seamless integration of a true PCL5 device.
  • PCL5e standard language allows users to spend less time setting up printers and offers virtually endless application choices.
  • Graphic color touchscreen display with an intuitive menu flow making the user interface and navigation seamless.
  • Near Edge Printhead allows full use of the label giving customers the ability to design and code barcodes that support detailed information. The flexible multimedia printing allows labels to be printed on synthetics, tags, self-adhesives and plastics.
  • Standard 300 dpi printhead with each Performance Series printer allows users to now benefit from a higher resolution printhead with better text, images and barcodes at a 203 dpi printhead price.
  • Die cast frame and metal covers designed specifically for harsh work environments.
  • 50 resident scalable fonts is the new standard in thermal barcode printing. No longer restricted to a limited font selection, users can create custom labels on-demand.

Performance Series Benefits Include:

  • Non-Proprietary PLC5 - The Performance Series offers PLC, a globally adopted standard/laser compatible printer language that allows easy integration into SAP and other network environments. 
  • Most Advanced Interface - The industry‚Äôs most intuitive color touchscreen makes set up and performance enhancements as simple as 1-2-3. The printer provides front panel print quality adjustments, auto media calibration and loading as well as ribbon tensioning controls.
  • Options Galore! The Performance Series printers are available with numerous options to meet the most diverse requirements. Some of the options include internal rewinder, peeler and cutter, USB host, GP 1/0, 802.11 b/g, audio alarm and locking cover.
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership - The Performance Series is available at a lower cost than comparable industrial printers and its durable design ensure years of reliable performance. The printer offers standard features that are typically options for competing printers. The Performance Series offers the best value proposition for high performance industrial printers.

Expand Your Capabilities

Performance Series printers are offered with a wide variety of options and accessories to meet the needs of many industrial applications.  A complete list of options and accessories are available on the partner center.  The most commonly used options are listed below:


Thermal Transfer
A printing method that uses ribbon to produce exceptional image clarity, as compared to most direct thermal media types. The smart ribbon controller design allows for tension control using two DC motors. This option can be used with either coated-side-in or coated-side-out ribbons.


Present Sensor
An output control device that allows subsequent printing to occur only after the removal of a previously printed label.


External Rewinder
The external rewinder (up to 4.5" wide and 8" OD roll) is used for rewinding labels onto a roll as they are printed. This allows for batch printing large continuous rolls of labels or tags and distributed for use.


Peel & Present
An internally "overdriven" design for heavy duty requirements using aggressive adhesive or polyester type media. Minimum label length is 1.5 inches (38 mm).


Plug-and -play: attach the cutter and it is auto detected during power up. The rotary style mechanism is capable of cutting media from 0.0025" to 0.0100" (0.0635mm - 0.254mm) thick, and has a minimum lifespan of 500,000 cuts.


Internal Rewind
A heavy-duty label rewind option to tightly rewind a partial 5.5" roll of labels and backing onto a 3" diameter core.


Internal LAN (Ethernet) Port
Allows for network connectivity, sharing and management. LAN connectivity provides more efficient use of the printer.


GPIO Option (applicator card)
The GPIO signals provide the Applicator (external device) the ability to control the printer using TTL logic.


Wireless LAN
The Wireless LAN Option has the same benefits as the LAN port with the additional benefit of not requiring a wired connection which allows for mobility and eliminates investing in network wiring expansion.


One USB Host Port
Connect and host input devices like scanners, keyboards, and memory sticks. This allows the printer to be used in a standalone application eliminating the need for a computer.

Empower Your Printing Solution

Datamax-O'Neil printer solutions offer easy software setup, navigation and customization for personal requirements. Combined with advanced printer features Datamax-O'Neil minimize human intervention and automates many of the tasks usually required by operators and technicians.

Configuration Utility
The Configuration Utility is a Windows based software application that allows easy access and setup of the Performance Series printers. It can be used with any communication port available on your printer and allows you to store settings to be applied to a different printer. This is ideal when you are replacing or adding printers to your application.

Upgrade Utility Tool
The Upgrade Utility Tool is a Windows based software application that allows easy upgrade and setup of the Performance Series printers. It can be used with any communication port available on your printer.


Windows Driver
The Performance Series printers have drivers for use on the latest Windows operating systems. The drivers allow the user to view and change printer settings from any Windows software application, simplifying the print process. Windows drivers are available on the CD included with the printer or can be downloaded at


SAP® Driver
Performance Series printers are SAP certified allowing easy integration into SAP environments.  The SAP drivers ensure printing requirements are met with the highest standards available.


Translation Utility
The translation Utility Tool allows for creating language translations for the display menu. (including  Asian Languages)