we saw a dramatic increase in the popularity of our mobile workstation

With the advent of the FDA approving electronic batch records over WIFI a couple of years ago we saw a dramatic increase in the popularity of our mobile workstation

The mobile workstation solution can operate a single or twin screen application with EBR/MES & SOP being displayed while also printing data capture through scanning or RFID while on the move.

For the highly regulated pharma industry, we have designed a clean room solution reducing grooves and crevices for easy cleaning eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.


  • Easily wiped surfaces reduce the chance of cross-contamination
  • Wireless data capture collection to back end systems such as MES, ERP and EBR anywhere in the manufacturing pharma environment
  • Removes the need for costly cable drops for power and ethernet to fixed workstations in standard and cleanroom environments
  • A cost effective flexible alternative to fixed workstations
  • Easily deployed and integrated into existing infrastructure
  • Increases productivity as workstations move with the staff as they perform their tasks
  • Improves processes by reducing the need for staff to repeatedly return to fixed terminals to update information
  • Sweating the asset – eliminates under-utilised duplicated fixed workstations
  • If the lines change the mobile work station is always reusable as flexible furniture
  • No trip hazards from cables


  • Multi-screen capabilities and twin screening applications
  • Real time data capture providing accurate information to staff throughout the facility
  • Connects staff to critical information while on the move
  • Limitless configuration options due to the modular design
  • Hassle free set-up
  • Ergonomic design


  • Run a full screen computer, thin client or touch computer for eight to ten hours depending on usage of scanning and printing
  • Print barcode labels anywhere in the facility as you go about your operational tasks
  • Perform operational training away from the live manufacturing environment
  • Print labels at the point of application from the ERP, reducing mislabeling errors
  • Asset Management
  • Traceability